KOR Vision

Transform Healthcare, Reduce Suffering and Help Eradicate the Nation’s Opioid Crisis

KOR Missions

  • Establish the industry standard as the country’s most innovative clinical cannabis company with a relentless commitment to personalized medicine, purity and compliance.
  • Dramatically improve the lives and health of patients afflicted with a wide variety of diseases and health conditions, ranging from epilepsy to cancer to debilitating pain.
  • Equip clinicians with the advanced tools and data they need to confidently prescribe personalized clinical cannabinoid therapeutics protocols for each unique patient.
  • Assemble a world-class team to scale rapidly and achieve KOR Medical’s bold Vision and KOR Missions.

Key Goals & Objectives

Introduce the KOR Medical Brand and initial product offerings nationwide.

Launch a leading-edge clinical cannabis growing operation and prototype dispensary to be replicated across America.

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