• history-of-cannabis

    CBD 101: A Brief History of Cannabis and CBD

    Cannabis, hemp and CBD have been used by humans for thousands of years. So what’s the deal with CBD? Read our guide on CBD 101 and the history of cannabis.

  • full-spectrum-vs-broad-spectrum

    Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate — Which Is Right for You?

    Full spectrum versus broad spectrum versus CBD isolate — the terms used to describe different types of cannabinoid products can be confusing. When you understand the differences and how each one works, you’ll be better equipped to decide which formulation is right for your needs.

  • cannabis-stigma

    Breaking Through the Cannabis Stigma

    The cannabis stigma isn’t nearly as old as the plant’s benefits, but it has enough decades under its belt to feel pretty intimidating. Fortunately, leaning into science-backed health outcomes and the positive experiences of millions of cannabis users can help change the conversation.

  • Buy Cannabinoids, CBD Leaves

    What Is Sublingual CBD and What Makes It the Best Delivery Method?

    When it comes to the best CBD delivery method, there’s no question that sublingual CBD is the highest-integrity, highest-quality way to experience cannabinoids. Discover why sublingual intake is so valuable and how to choose the best CBD sublingual products for you.

  • Exceptional Audio Equipment

    5 CBD and Cannabis Podcasts You Need to Listen to

    The internet isn’t wanting for cannabis podcasts, including plenty of pods that delve into CBD. You’ll find so much variety, in fact, that choosing what to listen to can feel a bit overwhelming — that’s where KOR comes in to share our favorites, plus a few bonus recommendations.

  • Classic Alarm Clock on a Bespoke Chestnut Table

    Discover the Best Time to Take CBD—and Why

    Adding cannabinoid products to your everyday health routine means optimizing the best time of day to optimize the experience. Discover the factors that play a significant role, and the considerations that impact whether day, night, or both will have the greatest health impact.

  • Freshly Brewed Tea In A Luxuriously Chic Living Room

    Three Unique Ways to Unwind After Work — without Alcohol

    Sitting in front of a screen all day might appear effortless, but that’s far from the truth! It’s actually quite a draining routine. Not everyone wants to drink alcohol as a quick fix, either. Find out how to unwind after work in healthier ways, starting today.

  • CBD for Stress and Working Out to Relieve Stress

    How Cannabinoids Fit into Your Workout Routine

    Cannabidiol isn’t just for de-stressing, focusing at work or winding down. CBD use after exercise has long been practiced by professional athletes, though you don’t have to be a pro to benefit from its scientifically backed effects.

  • Quality Medicinal Cannabis for Extravagant Life

    What Is the Entourage Effect?

    It’s easy to get lost among the jargon, but the entourage effect is more than just a buzzword. Here’s what experts have to say about how the effect can enhance your experience with cannabis, and how it interacts with CBD and other cannabinoids.

  • Quality Time for Yourself and Living Healthy

    Can I Use CBD while Pregnant or Breastfeeding, and Is It Safe?

    Can you use CBD while pregnant or nursing? Perhaps the biggest catch twenty-two within the cannabinoids industry is how helpful its products can be for some of the most uncomfortable symptoms pregnant women experience. However, it’s a bit of a complicated decision.

  • Cup of Rich Coffee to Start Your Day

    Why Can’t I Relax? Ten Ways to Relax that Aren’t Meditation

    by Deb Powers Why can’t I relax? If you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. We’re living in a connected world where it’s almost impossible to escape a constant stream of daily stressors. From the very personal — that looming deadline or the argument with your boss — to the universal, like the

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  • stretches-for-neck-pain

    4 Easy Stretches for Neck Pain You Can Do at Your Desk

    As life becomes more and more sedentary, neck pain becomes more inevitable. Stretches for neck pain are one of the best natural solutions to offset that tension. Discover four easy stretches you can do at your desk.

  • Medicinal Drugs, Pills and Oils

    CBD for Beginners: A Novice User Guide

    CBD is increasingly popular and available in strips, sprays, edibles and creams. Which method is the best? Check out our guide to cannabinoids for beginners.

  • hiking for a healthier lifestyle

    Improve Your Body and Mind: How To Start Living Healthy Lifestyle

    Living a healthier life means making changes, and those changes can seem overwhelming. The good news is that every change you make moves you closer to wellness. Learn how to start a healthy lifestyle in easy steps that you can incorporate today.

  • when is flu season

    Flu Season Is Here — Does CBD Help Your Immune System Cope?

    Does CBD support immune system function? As flu season rolls around, many people turn to cannabinoid products for immune system support. Here’s what we know about how CBD interacts with the immune system.

  • work from home burnout

    How to Spot WFH Burnout, and How to Address It

    WFH burnout is real, but it’s not hopeless.

  • morning routine checklist

    A Morning Routine Checklist To Start Your Day off Right

    Your morning routine can help set the tone for your entire day. Check out this morning routine checklist to help you incorporate the most helpful practices into your daily starting lineup.

  • sublingual cbd

    How You Take CBD Matters — Here’s Why

    Cannabinoids are growing in popularity, which means it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose the best products that will work for your body. Learn more about sublingual CBD and how it can be safe and effective for your body.

  • CBG vs CBD products

    CBG vs. CBD: Properties, Benefits and Beyond

    Cannabidiol has, without question, catapulted into the mainstream — market forecasts from Brightfield Group project sevenfold growth for the CBD market, with sales on track to reach $23.7 billion through 2023. With so much growth generated by those enjoying the potential benefits of cannabidiol for both mental and physical wellness, the question of “what’s next?”

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  • CBD Mood Stabilizer, Yoga Relax and Unwind

    Five Active Recovery Workout Ideas

    What To Do on Your Rest Day? 5 Active Recovery Workout Ideas Everyone knows that exercise is an important cornerstone for living a healthy, balanced life. What many people don’t realize is that rest days are just as critical. They nurture our mental, physical and spiritual health all at once. In fact, skipping these essential

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  • how long does cbd stay in your system

    How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

    Just as plant-based therapeutics are often a personal wellness journey, CBD and other cannabinoids takes a long — and often varied — journey through the body, from intake to its final release from your system. To effectively assess cannabinoid’s bodily breakdown, it helps to trace the experience from the very beginning and take note of

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  • Can you fly with CBD?

    Can You Fly with CBD? A Holiday Travel Guide

    Consumption of cannabidiol (CBD) is increasingly common, with 1 in 7 adults reporting using CBD at least once, according to a 2019 Gallup poll. If you are a CBD consumer, you may be familiar with its potential to help alleviate stress and calm the mind. And if you are planning a trip this holiday season,

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  • Managing Holiday Stress

    Managing Holiday Stress Before it Starts

    Holiday stress is one of many staples of the holiday season. Discover the best tips for managing holiday stress before it can take hold!

  • Kor Medical Products

    KOR Medical Launches to Support Mental and Physical Wellness

    KOR Medical Launches Consumer Line of CBD and Related Cannabinoid Products to Support Mental and Physical Wellness; Offers Free Personalized Support to Purchasers CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA – November 29, 2021 – Charleston-based-health innovation company KOR Medical –which produces unique cannabinoid products designed to support physical and mental wellness through expert engineering coupled with an individualized

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