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4 Easy Stretches for Neck Pain You Can Do at Your Desk

by Kimberly Game


The internet has brought about a lot of great things, but neck pain certainly isn’t one of them. In fact, stretches for neck pain have become a necessity in the average person’s daily routine. Why is that? Mainly, it’s because so many people these days work from a computer, either at home or at an office. They have their heads in a fixed position while staring at the screen all day, causing stiffness and pain in their neck muscles.

The Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Before digital workers know it, they’ve been trapped into the patterns of a sedentary lifestyle. They end up sitting more than they get to move around, and bodily pains inevitably follow. Then, after work, the social media binge begins! That invites more of the same symptoms. It can become a vicious cycle if you aren’t aware of it. Therefore, it’s easy to see why stretches for neck pain have become so important in modern life.

How To Offset These Effects

How can we all make sure we stay out of the cycle of neck muscle pain and stiffness? Well, a stretch a day keeps the chiropractor away. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a little extra movement throughout the day is beneficial for your mental well-being, too. For extra comfort, you can also try topical cannabinoid creams like KOR Relief cream. This plant-powered relief method is great for helping to ease stiff joints and muscles. In any case, check out four neck stretches we’ve chosen below for that comforting, all-around tension release (that you can easily perform during your busy day).

Neck Rolls

This stretch is underrated, and effective! Neck rolls do wonders for releasing tension that gets built up in the back of your neck throughout the day. A neck roll consists of simply relaxing the head forward with your chin reaching toward your chest and slowly rolling your head around until your cheekbone aligns just above the top of your shoulder. Hold it for a few seconds.

Next, gently reverse the rotation until your other cheekbone is aligned above its respective shoulder. This releases the most stress when working with your breath, so try inhaling through the nose as you come up to each shoulder. Then exhale as you drop your head downward again. Keep moving with your breath like this and do three repetitions for each side, or as needed.

Hand-to-Ear Stretch

This stretch feels great for the sides of your neck, which can get quite rigid in that tense position you hold in front of the screen all day. To start, take a deep inhale, and on your exhale, lower your right ear toward your right shoulder, hovering over it.

Then reach your right hand over your head to rest on your left ear. This will give the left side of your neck muscles a little more tension release. On your next inhale, gently lift and return your right hand back to your side. Bring your head back to center and repeat with the left side, this time reaching your left hand to rest on your right ear as you exhale. Inhaling, come back to center position. Repeat this three times on each side, or as much as feels good.

Seated Heart-Opener

This pose is great for counteracting the infamous slouch, according to Healthline. It can be difficult to avoid that habitual bad posture while working — or even while scrolling through your feeds in your free time — but this stretch is the perfect remedy. Start out by opening your chest and reaching behind your back. Grab opposite elbows with your hands and hold your arms in this box-like shape. Relax your shoulders.

Now look up. Slowly nod down and up again, then side to side by reaching your ear toward your shoulder on each side. Make sure to do this gently and only move as it feels right with your body. Repeat each movement four times.

Forward Fold

This stretch requires getting up from your seated position for a minute or two. Let’s be honest — this is probably much-needed when you’ve been stuck in one spot all day! Give your knees a slight bend (in other words, don’t lock them). Fold forward as far as feels good for you, bringing your forehead toward your knees. You can rest your torso on your thighs if it’s more comfortable. You’ll want to bend your knees more to do this.

Next, interlace your fingers and place them behind your neck. Simply start swaying your upper body from side to side, almost like a clock pendulum. Your interlaced fingers are there to add weight to your neck, helping it to relax fully. Make sure to not tense your neck during this stretch. Instead, let it be dead weight. Repeat this movement five to seven times and come up slowly and gently when you’re finished.

Bonus Solutions That Work While You Work

To tackle neck pain from two different angles, try out other personalized solutions you can find from KOR Medical. These cannabinoid therapeutics are great for all the hours when you aren’t stretching. It’s a method that can essentially work while you do. These solutions are ideal for all those hours when you’re busy focusing on the task at hand.

Neck tension is hard to avoid when you work in front of a computer all day. The good news is that stretches for neck pain can make a positive difference in countering those effects. In fact, research shows that relaxation exercises like stretching can minimize the effects of stress on the body, lessening the overall impact that it can have on your health. When it comes down to it, our health is what’s most important.

Knowledge Is Power

Now you can go forth confidently and manage the effects of working from a computer naturally. Choose your favorite stretches for neck pain. Do a little experimenting and see what works best for you. Finally, take on tomorrow armed with the knowledge and solutions to ease your daily discomforts and tension.

Kimberly Game is a freelance writer from Atlanta, GA. She has always had a love for writing, and started a freelance writing company in 2016 after graduating with a B.B.A. from Kennesaw State University. Having focused her studies in marketing, she enjoys using wordly art to help businesses attract leads and ultimately influence those leads to take action. She is also an internationally certified yoga instructor, and teaches in her spare time.