A renewed physical and mental state begins here.

Cannabinoids formulated to support every angle of your body and mind.

We use a combination of the finest compounds along with the most advanced delivery techniques to create products that help you feel better from the inside out.

KOR Sleep CBD & CBN Oral Sleep Strips

KOR Sleep

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KOR Calm CBD Oral Spray

KOR Calm

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KOR Health Immune Support CBD Oral Spray

KOR Health

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KOR Relief CBD & CBG Transdermal Cream

KOR Relief

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Cannabinoids with you in mind.

KOR Medical aligns biology with science to create the optimal cannabinoid experience for you. It’s the next generation of personalization when it comes to cannabinoid-based products.

Leading the way in cannabinoid research & analytics.

Our relentless commitment to personalization, purity and compliance can be seen in each of our products.


Compliance + purity

All of our products are manufactured in facilities registered with the FDA and are lab-verified.


Unique formulations

Our nanoemulsified formulations and innovative delivery systems provide optimal absorption for quick onset time.


A personalized approach

We use research and your personal details to empower you on your cannabinoid health journey.